Boston Art Review | Accumulations of the Self

Group Exhibition, November 17th, 2017, Distillery Gallery

At the Distillery Gallery in South Boston, artists from Northeastern University’s Contemporary Visual Culture class presented “From Bedroom to Gallery–Accumulations of the Self” for one night, and one night only. The poorly lit street that guarded the gallery was devoid of signs of life, but one step inside revealed a frenetic, open, and bright studio space sprawling with people. Throughout the gallery, artists displayed collections of various personal objects in miniature, diorama-like displays. Visitors gathered around a table to pour themselves drinks, exchanged greetings with their friends, and leisurely made their way through the exhibit, only stopping the conversation to interact with the installations. The curiosity and energy in the room were palpable.

The exhibition was inspired by a study of the concept of the wunderkammer. In Renaissance Europe, these cabinets of curiosities were vessels of opulence, used to compile fascinating and peculiar objects their owners acquired. The artists who exhibited in “Bedroom to Gallery” were tasked with developing their own twist on a wunderkammer by putting their personal objects of fascination, importance, or personal influence on display for visitors to witness and interact with.


Read more here.

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