Boston Art Review | A SanQtuary at Distillery Gallery


Let’s be real: the phrase “personal is political” is truth. That is, personal experiences are the threads that weave directly into greater social and political structures. For many LGBTQIA people, though, the emotional weight of a constantly politicized and/or silenced existence is a pressure that seldom receives an outlet. At the Distillery Gallery in South Boston, Boston LGBTQIA Artist’s Alliance and featured artists Noah Grigni and presented “SanQtuary”. Featuring 17 local and national multidisciplinary artists, SanQtuary provided a safe space for a variety of works by artists of all genders, sexualities, races, and ethnicities to coexist, let their guard down, and celebrate the strength of the LGBTQIA community through art and performance.


Read more here.

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